Josie Howie

As our President, Josie is responsible for overseeing the committee, and representing and managing the society as a whole.

"I play the flute and alto sax and this will be my fourth year in the band! My favourite piece of music has to be Bohemian Rhapsody - hands down best piece ever written. I've had loads of amazing memories in band from making some of my best friends, to sporting some questionable fancy dress, to our amazing concerts, but my favourite has to be our tour to Barcelona in 2017 which is still the happiest week of my life so far! This year I'm so looking forward to meeting all our new members and making band even more fun and welcoming, and I can't wait for our Easter tour!"

Laura Hodgson

This year Laura will be our treasurer  – so she’s got the big job of being responsible for all of our finances, and stopping the president from spending too much…

“I play flute and this will be my third year in band. I am the Doctor is my favourite piece of music! Fave band memory has to be the first time I went on weekend away to Brecon, wandering the countryside (getting lost…) and singing Bohemian Rhapsody with my new band friends... also, David and his parkour. Looking forward to this year’s tour (of course!!) - highlight of the whole year”

Gwen Morgan


As our Secretary, Gwen will manage the communication for the band as well as having the very important job of sending our weekly email newsletter to our members! 

"This will be my fourth year playing the saxophone for band. I also play the piano and harp and dabble at the good ol' ukulele. My favourite piece of music in the whole wide world would have to be Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2. Exploring sunny Barcelona on tour has to be one of my highlights with band. From visiting the Sagrada Familia to beautiful performance locations to ridiculously strong spirits and mixers poured - it was a cracking few days. I'm very much looking forward to introducing more Welsh into band next year (you'll hopefully be able to say more phrases than Hoffi Coffi by the end of the year!) Alongside this, I'm very keen to meet and welcome everyone new to band and to continue enjoying and having fun with the current band-ees. Yn edrych ymlaen at flwyddyn wych o Windband!"

Corin Foxcroft


As our librarian, Corin has the very important role of photocopying and organising all of the music for the band to play – we are very grateful for them!


"I play bass clarinet and this is my second year in the band. I love the piece Sing Sing Sing, even if it is very tricky to play! My fave memory of the band is the Christmas concert last year (my first concert with the band), and I'm most looking forward to having the chance to play lots of new pieces this year!"

Alicia Critchley

Charity Officer

As our Charity Officer, Alicia will be organising all of our fundraising events and initiatives this year. Stay tuned to see who we elect as our Charity Of The Year this year! 

"I play the flute and have been in band for 3 years now! I love all of the music from The Lion King, especially Hakuna Matata. I of course enjoy going to the pub every week after band but my favourite memory of band was the tour to Cologne in 2018. This year I'm really excited for tour, weekend away, and hopefully all the fundraising events that will take place!"

Llyr Wyn Williams

Tour Secretary

Llyr is our tour sec – so he will be organising the band’s tour abroad this year! We can’t wait to see what he has planned.

“I'm Llyr and my main instrument is the Alto Sax, I joined the band at the start of the last academic year and haven't looked back since. Favourite piece is an impossible question to answer but anything played by that wind band in Cardiff is pretty decent…

I'm finding it hard to find one particular band memory, however, last year's weekend away was truly awesome. This year, I'm really looking forward to organising the tour as it looked sick last year. I'm also excited to meet some new musicians, preferably saxophonists...obviously.”

Gruff Owen

Social Sec

Gruff will be our social sec this year - keep your eyes peeled for all our exciting social events that he has in the works! 

"I play drums and percussion and I've been in the band for a year. It's such a difficult question to answer, my favourite piece of music constantly changes! Currently though I'm really enjoying Circuits by Chris Potter. My favourite band memory is the tour to Amsterdam last year, such good fun. This year I'm really looking forward to welcoming new members into the band and making new friends, and of course the tour!"

Cherry Teearu

Non-Student Rep

Cherry is our non-student rep, representing the voices of all of our wonderful non-student members!

"I play flute and have been in band for 2 years. I love to play Pirates of the Caribbean because it's easy, fun and everyone knows it so it always sounds pretty good and you can have a laugh doing it! Fave memory - at the 15th anniversary concert when our old conductor Phil popped a party popper right behind me and made me jump out of my skin, whilst also covering my flute in streamers so I couldn't play - oops! I'm looking forward to meeting all the new members and getting more involved with band this year!"

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